DATE for 2023 TBD
Likely 2 Road Races (40k & 20k)  and 2 Time Trials (10k & 5k)
Director reserves right to combine or change events.

Note: This page was last updated Jan 5, 2023.




Venue Locations / Course Maps:

Little Rock, Arkansas, .

NOTE:   Arkansas Sr Olympics is proud to WELCOME ALL CYCLISTS/BIKE RIDERS and RACERS.

Compete 1,2, 3 or all 4 races, with separate categories for men and women in 5-year age groups (40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, etc.)

We also have divisions for RECUMBENTS:

1.  Recumbent Bikes – Non-Faired
2.  Recumbent Bikes – Faired
3.  Recumbent Trikes – Non-Faired
4.  Recumbent Trikes – Faired


MORE INFO CALL GREG @ 501-321-1441




Day 1 – usually a Friday evening before sunset
5k (3 miles) Time Trial – at Two Rivers Park in Little Rock, first rider off at approx 5:35pm.  STRAVA MAP:

Day 2

(24.8 miles) Road Race at 9:00am in Roland, Arkansas on Hwy 300, near Monnie Springs, AR.  STRAVA MAP:

Day 2

(actually 6.4 miles) Time Trial at about 11:30am (*or about half an hour or so after last rider, & tbd by Race Director) in Roland, Arkansas on Hwy 300, near Monnie Springs.  STRAVA MAP:

Day 3

20k (12.4 miles) Road Race – at Two Rivers Park in Little Rock on County Farm Rd, at 9:00am.  STRAVA MAP:



Packet Pickup: Prior to your first cycling event.    Numbers will also be given out, with pins, and waivers MUST be signed in person.
Athlete Info: Athletes may check-in 45 minutes prior each event.  Onsite registration may be available so check with Greg, the event Director prior to arriving.
Equipment: Cyclists must provide their own bike equipment, and most importantly are required to wear a helmet at all times while on a bike at event location.
Rules: USAC rules apply.  See official at event for all specific rules.
1. All cycling events will be conducted in accordance with U.S.A. Cycling (USAC) rules. More info :
2. Helmets are mandatory and must conform to USA Cycling regulations.   HELMETS ARE REQUIRED WHILE ON YOUR BIKE!
3. Multi-gear (free wheel) bikes with front and rear brakes are required. Fixed gear and battery powered are not permitted. All bicycles must be certified by race officials prior to the competition.
4. Except for the 2 new categories of “Recumbent Bikes -Faired” and “Recumbent Trikes -Faired”, there may be no protective shield, fairing or other device on any part of the bicycle (including, but not limited to, the frame, wheels, handlebars, chain wheel or accessories) that has the effect of reducing air resistance, except those allowed by the USAC.
5. Handlebars used for steering with ends, features, or attachments that extend forward or upward or that provide support for other than the rider’s hands (including aero bars) are permitted only in the time trial events and not in the road race events.
6. If in doubt about your qualification, check for an official ruling from the chief referee before your appointed starting time. Once the clock begins, your time is running and will not be adjusted.
7. In time trial events, the rider shall be held by an official at the start but shall be neither restrained nor pushed.
8. Riders must stay to the right except when overtaking another rider. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.
9. In time trial events, no rider shall pace behind another rider closer than 25 meters (80 feet) ahead, or 2 meters (7 feet) to the side. A rider who is observed taking pace shall receive a time penalty.
10. No restarts are permitted.
11.  Know the course BEFORE your start all events.