3 Events: Leg Press, Strict Curl & Bench Press.

Venue Location:  ProFitness in Hot Springs

Address:  2230 Malvern Ave.
Pro Fitness gym in strip mall just behind a Shell Gas Station, at corner of Malvern Ave and Golf Links Rd. in Hot Springs, Arkansas.


2020 Weightlifting

Note:  Weightlifting is an Arkansas event for all men and women ages 40 and up, and is not a NSGA National event.

Note: This page was last updated June 4, 2020.



NOTE:   If you register at the links above, and we cancel the event for any reason (like COVID19), or if we move any events to another date that you can not attend, then refunds will be issued back to you, minus a $10 processing fee.   If you register and later you find you can not attend for any reason, and the event is held, then no refunds will be issued.


Competition Date:

2020 Weightlifting event date is TBD

Time: Check-in between 9am and 10am, with competitions starting at 10:00am. Contact Joe Bill at the gym for specific information, at 501-321-4177.
Athlete Check-In: Athletes must check in early to get weighed. Check-in is between 9:00am and 10:00am, with competition starting soon after.
Added Fee: Pro Fitness gym requires their own $10.00 fee, that can be paid with your online registration fee, or entry and fee can be paid at the gym.