Events:  Swimming events

Venue Location:  Little Rock, Arkansas at the University of Little Rock at the Donaghey Student Center – pool

Address:   3259 S University Ave, Little Rock, AR 72204

Contact Greg if you have questions.  501-321-1441


Note: This page was last updated June 4, 2020.



NOTE:   If you register at the links above, and we cancel the event for any reason (like COVID19), or if we move any events to another date that you can not attend, then refunds will be issued back to you, minus a $10 processing fee.   If you register and later you find you can not attend for any reason, and the event is held, then no refunds will be issued.



Competition Date: TBD
9:00am Swimming Warm Up Begins

10:00am is planned first event start, with other events to follow.
Note: The first event start time is subject to change, so contact us or check in early for updated start time.

Events (order of events below might change, depending on entries):

200Y Breaststroke
200Y Freestyle
100Y Backstroke
50Y Breaststroke
200Y Indiv. Med
50Y Backstroke
100Y Indiv. Med
100Y Freestyle
100Y Butterfly
50Y Freestyle
200Y Backstroke
100Y Breaststroke
50Y Butterfly
500Y Freestyle
400Y Indiv. Med
200Y Butterfly
Athlete Check-In: Athletes may check-in after 8:45am
Food: Water provided.
Equipment: Swimmers must provide their own equipment, like goggles.
Rules: The major points of the rules include:


1. All swimming events will be timed finals.   Pool length 25 yards.
2. Warm-up time will be available.
a) Starts: The forward start may be taken from the starting blocks, the pool deck or a push from the wall. The backstroke start is taken from the wall. A false start will result in disqualification.
b) Turns: The breaststroke and butterfly turns must be done with both hands touching the wall simultaneously. The backstroke and freestyle events require some part of the body to touch the wall.
c) Backstroke: There are no rules pertaining to arm or leg movements. The swimmer is allowed to turn over on his/her stomach during the turn prior to touching the wall.
d) Breaststroke: The appropriate stroke is required.
e) Butterfly: The appropriate stroke is required. The whip kick or the dolphin kick may be used exclusively or interchangeably while doing the butterfly
f) Freestyle: Swimmers must touch the wall at each turn and at the finish. Any stroke may be used, and swimmers may switch strokes whenever they wish, except that in an individual medley event, freestyle means any stroke other than butterfly, breaststroke, or backstroke.
g) Medley: The order of strokes in the individual medley is butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle. Rules for the individual strokes govern strokes and turns.
h) General: Any swimmer who uses improper methods in order to obtain an advantage over his/her competition will be disqualified from that event.